ZMCHD Holds Drive Through Vaccination Clinic

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With cold and flu season approaching, the Muskingum County Health department held a vaccination clinic at the fairgrounds today. Muskingum County Health Department Medical Director Jack Butterfield explained the purpose of the event and referenced the amount of participation following the event’s announcement on social media.

“This is a vaccine drive-through and we are offering the flu vaccines, both regular dose and high dose for people over 65 as well as the new Covid booster,” Butterfield said. “So far we’ve given 369 total injections and about half the people are getting both the booster and the flu shot, which is really good. You can get them both on the same day, there’s not an additive effect for side effects and you’re covering both bases, which is really important going into fall.”

The vaccination drive-through doubled as a training event for their Incident Command Structure, so the county can stay current with logistics, operations and safety for when there is a public health emergency.

Butterfield noted the importance of vaccinations and the benefits they offer to people who get them.

“The benefits boil down to trying to avoid serious illness. No vaccine is 100 percent at preventing disease, however they are very good. And even if you get the disease if you’ve been vaccinated, you tend to have a much more mild course,” Butterfield said. “This year in particular, the experts are anticipating a bad flu season. The reason being, for the last 2-years, with masking and social distancing, not only did that help mitigate Covid but it also, since flu is even less infectious than Covid, there was much less flu in circulation.”

Butterfield stressed the significance of being tested at the first signs of an illness to better understand the type of illness and its potential transmissibility.

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