Secrest Auditorium: Alias Brass Quintet Concert  

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Zanesville Concert Association opened the curtain on their 83rd season Sunday at Secrest Auditorium.

The venue played host to Alias Brass Quintet, who played some beautiful brass music from classic to pop. Alias Brass got their start as an undergraduate Brass Quintet. Horn player Natalie Higgens said some friends came together to play for libraries and retirement homes, while they figured out if they want to try it as a professional ensemble.

“However, at that time we were still refining our own individual skills on our instruments. And so later on, years later, about ten years I think, we all came back together after we had more degrees under our belts and we met in Houston Texas for ten days to see if we could make a show and we did,” said Higgens.

Higgins also spoke about why she thinks band concerts in general are important for all generations.

“Music teaches you how to problem solve, most of the time when we’re not performing on stage, were in a room with our instruments for, I tell my students, three to four hours a day. And we are figuring out how to get better at this piece of metal. And so, once you sit in a room like that and you try different practice tactics and you see what works and what doesn’t, you can then take it out of the practice room and apply it to all the different subjects and elements of your life.”

The next ZCA Concert will take place on December 17 when the Diamonds bring their Silver Bells and Diamonds Show to Secrest. Adult tickets are $55 or for $10 more you can purchase a season pass to all the concerts.