Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad

Local News

Mt. PERRY, OH- Mt. Perry Ohio hosted a special event that took you back to a time when trains were the way of transportation.

The Western Scenic Railroad in Mount Perry relived the old west this weekend as actors dressed up as train robbers. Original freight operations started on the line in 1882 with the first four miles going from Zanesville southwest.

The line kept extending until the joined with another line going north and south. Freight operations ceased on this rail line over 20 years ago.

“It stood vacant for about eight to ten years we leased it from the State of Ohio. They had purchased ten of these short lines that were going out of business and they didn’t want them torn up and they had nine of them back in business, but this was still sitting idle. So, they said OK, we agree to lease it to you. “

While the train robbery event was only for this weekend. They also have a pumpkin train ride coming up on weekends in October and Santa Train Rides in December.