Barbershop Quartet Concert at Secrest Auditorium

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ZANESVILLE, OH- The Secrest Auditorium is the best location in Zanesville for a wide variety of different types of entertainment from Musicals to Band Concerts, Secrest Auditorium has it all.

Sunday the Zanesville Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society held their annual show.

Lead singer of the Barbershop Quartet Josh Van Groder spoke about what makes Barbershop music special.  

“Barbershop is acapella, no instruments. It’s just the voices and when you have Pop music, usually, their kind of an instrument and a lead melody and so it doesn’t always quite gel. With Barbershop, everyone is singing and so, you got the melody and the base and the tenor and the baritone kind of flies’ all over the place to fill in all of the cracks in the music. The Barbershop sound has this really rich ringing quality and it’s really pleasant to the ears and the opportunity to stack up overtones for us music geeks is really really fun.”

The Base Singer of the Barbershop Quartet Steve Denino spoke about why Barbershop music is not a lost art form.  

“It is maybe not as popular as it used to be, but there are still tens of thousands of Barbershop centers across the globe that still do this, as a part of the number of different organizations. It is born out of Parlor music, when their used to be a time when we all just used to sing and gather together in a community. It is not quite as popular as it used to be but by no means would we say it is dead. I just came back from a convention where there were five-thousand people, all participating in the barbershop.”

The Beads, Bibs and Barbershop Acapella Concert kicked off at the Secrest Auditorium where people listened to amazing and beautiful vocals.