Muskingum County Veteran Turns 101 Years Old

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ZANESVILLE, Oh- The oldest veteran in Muskingum County turned 101 years old Thursday.

Michael Salahub served in the United States Marine Corps from 1942 to 1946. Michael’s granddaughter, Jennifer, says her grandfather is a hero.

“It’s just quite an honor to even have grown up- he’s my hero a forever hero and it’s just I tear up it means the world,” said Jennifer McGraner. “It’s just a joy to spend time with him and to listen to him talk. and he still tells stories about his time with the marines.”

Important community members were guests at Michael’s birthday party like Mayor Don Mason and State Representative Adam Holmes.

Michael’s grandson said his mother recently reviewed his grandfather’s military discharge papers and discovered he was present for the bloodiest battle, Okinawa.

“So finding that out was just even something more to be proud about and it’s an amazing story with him serving over in Okinawa and the battle history there,” said Adam Pletcher Michael’s grandson.

Michael and his wife spent 49 years together and raised their family in Muskingum County.