Produce Market: Eastside Community Ministry and First Baptist Church

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Two local organizations are helping to prevent food scarcity in Southeastern Ohio.

Eastside Community Ministry and the First Baptist Church in South Zanesville are working together to for their free Fresh Produce Market. They’ll be giving fresh produce to those in need. First Baptist Church Pastor David Nuhfer spoke more about the impact that this event will have on the community of Zanesville.

“It’ll be nice to be back because it’s been a couple of months since we’ve had one but the purpose of the Produce Market is to help under resourced people with fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s especially important at a time like this because groceries are very expensive, what we want to do is to be able to help people stretch their dollars more by providing them with food that’s nourishing and can help them have better health.”

Executive Director at Eastside Community Ministry Jamie Trout spoke about how people can volunteer for the Fresh Produce event.

“We are always in need of volunteers at Eastside Community Ministry but also for this Produce Market, so they can give us a call at Eastside or contact us through our website if there interested in volunteering.”

The Fresh Produce event will take place at First Baptist Church on Friday. They ask that you don’t arrive before 9:00 a.m.