Foster Care Parents Needed

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ZANESVILLE, Oh- Muskingum County Adult and Child Protective Services has nearly 200 children in custody because of neglect and abuse in their homes. 

Donna Cole, foster care coordinator, said they are constantly in need of foster care parents. 

There are classes to decide whether or not foster care would be a good fit for the parent. 

“The people who work really well are the ones who see it as a calling rather than a job. And they get involved with the children, they have their best interest at heart. They’re willing to go the extra mile because these aren’t perfect children,” she said.

Cole sais the successful foster parents work full time and have other children in their homes. 

She also explained what the training that begins in October entails. 

“First of all, it’s sort of an orientation that tells you a little bit about what to expect and what’s going to happen. We talk about trauma and what kinds of problems children have. We talk about behavior management and some techniques and ways to help children who are having problems,” Cole said.  

For more information or to register call 740-455-6710 and ask for Donna Cole or a foster care coordinator.