Backwoods Fest

Local News

THORNVILLE, OH- Backwoods Fest is a huge outdoor, food, craft and entertainment event where people can go to different vendors and purchase their crafts while also getting some food at food trucks and listening to some good music.

Owner of local vendor Enrapture by Nature Pat McCabe, who was selling Sea Glass Jewelry, spoke about why this festival is important to the community.  

“This event draws a lot of people that are diverse, they come together and have a good time, they enjoy the music, the food is outstanding and it brings people all over. They come from hours away to attend and it’s just well worth your time, everybody’s celebrating, they just enjoy being together.”

A couple of young kids attending the festival named Mallory Wells and Abigail Wamer spoke about why they wanted to come to Backwoods Fest.

“I came to the event because there’s a lot of really cool decorations and a lot of creative people out here that have like cool fall and winter decorations and the food’s really good,” Mallory said. “I came to the event because we come here every year and we meet my mom’s friend here so it’s like a tradition thing,” Abigail said.

The Backwoods Fest had tons of delicious food, amazing creative crafts and really good music for everyone to enjoy and have fun in the great Village of Thornville.