Andrew James Dalton Was Awarded the Eagle Scout Award

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Boys Scouts in Zanesville awarded one of their Scouts. Scout Member Andrew James Dalton got the Eagle Scout Award for his hard work, dedication and loyalty to Boys Scouts for ten years.   

Dalton spoke about what makes getting the Eagle Scouts Award important to him and how Boys Scouts can help benefit both kids and parents.

“All of the work that I put into it and I just feel like I actually accomplished what I’ve been working up towards for all these years.” “For the kids, it can make them feel more confident and it can make them into better people, it can teach them life lessons and for parents, it can really take off all the pressure of parenting and stuff.”

Troop Master with Troop 128 Troy Blackford spoke about why Boy Scouts is important to the community.

“Community wise, Boy Scouts does a lot of good in a community. Not only do we instill good moral guidelines, we teach these boys to be gentlemen, we teach them to take care of the environment and the community. We have them out picking up trash, you know just taking care of them, they learn the values of making the community look better.”

Dalton and the rest of the Boys Scouts celebrated this amazing accomplishment at Dillon Dam Shelter in Zanesville.