Rabbit Decoration Show at the Guernsey County Fair

Local News

LORE CITY, OH- The Guernsey County Fair kicked off their day with a special event called the Rabbit Decoration Show. The Rabbit Decoration show is just a fun event for the kids where they can come out and wear Halloween costumes and decorate their rabbits and get ribbons and trophies.  

Chairman of the Junior Fair Rabbit Committee Jeff Hays spoke about the event getting more popular over the years at the Guernsey County Fair.

“It’s a fairly popular event, the numbers are starting to come back up since covid, we had a big drop-off then but there starting to pick back up. It’s a fun event for the kids.”

Hays also spoke about why the Rabbit Decoration Show is important to the Guernsey County Fair and to the community.

“Because it lets them know that there’s more than just you know, the hardcore showing my rabbits. Like I said, the little kids can come in, the pee-wee event that we just had is the kids that can’t participate in 4H itself, but they can come in and show their rabbits and have a good time.”

The Rabbit Decorating Show took place at the Guernsey County located in Lore City.