McDonald’s Corn Maze

Local News

ADAMSVILLE, OH- The McDonald Farm hosted their annual Corn Maze at Adamsville. This event is for families who want to bring their kids and have fun going on hayrides, run through the corn maze or see different farm animals.

Owner of the McDonald’s Farm Susan McDonald spoke about what the best part is when they open this event in the Fall.

“We love it because we see all the people that we love in our community and we want to reach out and watch families, multiple generations coming every year to make traditions and memories.”

McDonald also spoke about why this event is important to the community.

“It is a safe place and an affordable place to bring your family, to have your little ones mixed with the parents and the grandparents and even great grandparents to come and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and learn about our agriculture community. We try to keep our activities focused on agriculture and also be entertaining, the best part about the whole corn maze are the cinnamon sugared donuts.”

The festival also included Pumpkins, Farm Animals, Food Trucks and Playgrounds.