Abbot Senior Living Fundraiser

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Many people spent time combing through a variety of different media items at Abbot Senior Living.

It was part of their annual media sale that took place over two days. People donated books, movies, vinyl records, board games and more to help raise money to provide entertainment and other special events for residents. Executive Director of Abbot Senior Living Kevin Pinson spoke more about the fundraiser.

“All of the proceeds from the sale go to provide and cover activity expenses for our seniors. So, it’s bingo prizes and live entertainment to come in and things like that. Abbot Senior Living is a 5-0-1-c-3 so were nonprofit, and these funds help keep our seniors active and entertained.”

Pinson also spoke about how prices for the media sale were all based on donations.

“You grab a bag or a box and load up as many books, CD’s, DVD” S, puzzles and games as you want and it’s all by donation so you set your own price and one-hundred-percent of it will go to our activity fund.”

If you have any questions about Abbot Senior Living, you can call their number or visit their website.