Workforce Summit Meeting at Zane State

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Workers and educators discuss ways to better understand how they can join together to create better employees.

During the Workforce Summit speakers and attendees discussed solutions for tomorrow and new partners for the future. Workforce Administrator for Ohio Means Jobs Julie Metzger spoke about what problems are currently present when it comes to people looking for jobs.

“What we are experiencing is really a workforce shortage, there’s a lot of information out there where people are thinking that the reason that we can’t find workers for our businesses is due to people being on unemployment and actually that’s not the case. The case really is we have a workforce shortage and our workforce numbers have been falling since 2008.”

Metzger says bringing workers and teachers together helps the economy in the long run.

“I think anytime you put workforce and education together, the more that there educated on their skill sets, that’s going to bring a better worker, skill trades, things like that. There’re several jobs out there that are going unfilled so the more we get people educated, students educated on the trades and different things that we are needing in our area, it’s going to help fulfill our workforce. “

The Workforce Summit took place at Zane State College’s Campus Center.