Genesis Pro Am Fundraiser

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Today, the Zanesville Country Club was holding their 41st annual Pro Am. This event is a three-day golf tournament fundraiser that raises money for the Genesis Healthcare Foundation to have a better healthcare system and to provide technology and equipment for their Clinical Staff.

Executive Director of the Genesis Healthcare Foundation Jerry Nolder spoke about why Pro Am is a very important event.

“It’s an underserved community that with these kinds of funds, allows us to do things that hospitals our size normally are not able to afford.”

Senior Vice President of Wealth Management Ron Davis also spoke about why this event was important.

“This Pro Am is one of the biggest fundraisers not only in our area, but in East Central Ohio. Were able to raise a significant amount of money to help our community and to make it safer and healthier.”

The Genesis Pro Am fundraiser helps raise money for the Genesis Healthcare Foundation to provide better care for the people of Zanesville.