Cross-Fit Contour Members Raise Money to Support Coach Tarna for the USAFF Competition

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Exercise is always important for your body and your mind, and Cross-Fit Contour takes this at heart. The Cross-Fit Contour members raised money to support their coach so she can represent the U.S. in the USAFF competition in Aruba.    

Cross-Fit Coach Tarna Roselemieus spoke about how she got involved in Cross-Fit and the USAFF competition.

“What came from bad relationship, I started doing drugs, and then I went to drinking alcohol, and then one morning I woke up and was like, hey what am I doing to myself. I started with a personal trainer and started in the Cross-Fit and five years later, I’m representing the United States for Aruba.”

Roselemieus also spoke about what makes the USAFF competition important to her.

“My ultimate goal was to make the games and then this came as an opportunity for me for Masters. Usually, games start at like seventeen in the age category, this one starts at thirty, and as a thirty-nine-year-old, it’s just been an amazing accomplishment in my journey to get to the games.”

Tarna is excited to represent the United States as she gets ready for the USAFF competition in Aruba.