Y-City Challenge 8-Ball Tournament Raises Money to Help Benefit Special Olympic Athletes

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- From pool sticks to chalks to the magic 8 ball, Pool is a great sport where people can hang out and have fun. And the American Legion Post 29 in Zanesville hosted a fundraising event called Y-City Challenge 8-Ball Tournament to raise money that will benefit athletes who are participating in the Special Olympics.  

The host of Y-City Challenge 8-Ball Tournament Tim Snelling spoke about how this tournament will help benefit the Special Olympics.  

“The money I raise, it helps get the athletes their medals, get them to the games, get them all summer long to different events.”

Snelling also spoke about why this event is important to the community.

“It’s important to the community because the athletes with the Special Olympics don’t get the recognition like the High Schools and their sports. I mean, they do Swimming, they do Basketball and things like this and they just don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

This event was created for the purpose of giving athletes in the Special Olympics the appreciation they deserve for their hard work and dedication.