Breakout Bash at The Barn

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Barn located on Linden Avenue is hosting a mental awareness event called Breakout Bash. This event will feature bands like Matt Frampton, Sharwahl, Rolling Rockers, Funknado, Levi Jameson and The River Rats.  

Frampton Band Member Casey Summers spoke about why they decided to get involved in this event.

“Paul puts on these shows down here and it’s for a great cause and a lot of people come. Were just glad to be able to help, I’m in two different things today so I’m double dipping to make sure we can get plenty of support here.”

Summers also spoke about why Breakout Bash is so impactful for him.

“Well, I feel like there’s a lot of people that are affected by mental health issues and sometimes it stays in the closet. This is a great way to get it out and about and hopefully people can catch on and get the help they need.”

The 7th annual Breakout Bash is happening on September 10th at The Barn in Zanesville and all proceeds will be donated to the Six County National Alliance on Mental Illness.