Pet of The Week: Meet Sweetie

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- This week’s Pet of the Week is a dog whose camera shy but loves being around people.

Meet Sweetie, she’s an Australian Cattle Breed who’s very energetic and loves being with families. Those at the Animal Shelter that know Sweetie say she really lives up to her name. Administrative Assistant of the Animal Shelter Society Jenna Kinney spoke more about Sweetie.

“She has a very sweet disposition, hence her name. They’re about three months old and their breed is very loyal, energetic, they are a herding breed so they’re not maybe the best home for smaller children, but overall, a good family dog, they keep their energy into adulthood,” Kinney said.

Adopting Sweetie or one of the other animals at the shelter starts with an application. Kinney spoke more about the process.

“She does well with other dogs since she’s been around here,” Kinney said. “Of course, with any adoption application you do, after your approved you bring them in for a meet and greet with your pets, so we can see that they do well and that would be a good home for you.”

If you have any questions about adopting Sweetie or about adopting any other pets, you can call the Animal Shelter Society’s number at 740-452-1077 or visit their website at