Zanesville Chamber Hosts Energy Impact Roundtable

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – As the nation faces energy shortages, local businesses and organizations related to the oil and gas industry met to discuss how they might adapt. The meeting was held by the Consumer Energy Alliance and the Utica Energy Alliance at the Zanesville Chamber of Commerce, not only to network but to give U.S. Congressman Troy Balderson an opportunity to hear some of the issues that are taking place in his district.  

Utica Energy Alliance Spokesperson Adrienne Robbins spoke about the meeting and explained why it was important.

“We were so excited for this great conversation today,” Robbins said. “So we wanted to hear from all kinds of stakeholders from across Zanesville and across this region and really give them a chance to talk to Representative Balderson about what they’re seeing with their boots on the ground. Specifically when it comes to the natural gas, and oil industry. How it helps them, what they need to see more of. And it was a great conversation.”

Balderson discussed a wide array of issues with the oil and gas industry representatives and realizes how important the resource is to the economic stability in Ohio’s 12th district.

“We need to quit beating these energy jobs up,” Balderson said. “We beat them up sometimes and there’s a lot of great people here who live in Muskingum County and the surrounding counties here that provide hard work and they are able to support their families. So I think that’s one of the big things. The other piece is just advocating that natural gas is a green energy, it’s a clean form of energy and how important it is that we have that base load and that energy coming from natural gas.”

The meeting lasted over an hour and topics ranged from supporting industries such as transportation and infrastructure to global demand and pricing.

Matthew Morris
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