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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – State Auditor Keith Faber visited Zanesville today!

He stopped by the Dollar General Distribution Center as well as spoke with members of the local government.

One of the topics of discussion was the College Credit Plus program, which allows students and their families to save money on higher education by allowing students to take real college classes while in high school.

Faber says taking these classes in high school when the cost is significantly lower especially helps those who may now have otherwise even gone to college, with over 1000 students here in Muskingum County receiving their Associates Degree when they graduated high school.

“Taking those classes in high school means you don’t have to take them in college.

People that are first generation college students, people that are lower income, people that are minority, we know that by taking those college classes while you’re still in high school, it proves that one, you can do it, and two, we know that those students are more likely to graduate, they’re more likely to go to college, they’re more likely to graduate college with less debt,” he explained.

Faber also discussed unemployment fraud, which was especially rampant during the pandemic here in Ohio when he says 5 billion dollars were stolen through fraud.

He also says they’ve convicted more than 85 people for fraudulent activity, helping to ensure those who are able and willing to work are able to and do not become victims of fraud. 

“The end goal is to make sure every Ohio-an has the opportunity to work and every able-bodied Ohio-an is working.

We’re all in this together to make Ohio government work better, faster, and cheaper,” Faber said.

For more information on College Credit Plus and even compare and see how your school district is doing, you can visit

And if you would like to report fraud to the state auditor’s office, you can call 1-866-FraudOH or visit:

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