National Preparedness Month

Local News Stories

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- September is national preparedness month. The importance is to be prepared for a severe weather season.  

Jeff Jadwin, Director of Muskingum County Emergency Management, shared the importance of being prepared.  

Jadwin advises people to go to to get the list of supplies families should have. 

“Every family dynamic is different. If you’ve got babies you’ve got to worry about formula, diapers and that kind of stuff. Senior citizens, it’s a different thing. One of the big things that people don’t consider is that when we have big storms there could be power outages, internet outages and your credit cards don’t work,” Jadwin said.  

Jadwin said it is important to set aside cash for an emergency. The list on the website also recommends having a spare change of clothes and your medications. 

Recently we have seen more flooded roads. Jadwin said not to drive in the flooded areas and always have an alternative evacuation route. 

“You don’t know that the road is still there. So many times people think ‘oh well the bridge is still there, the culverts still there,’ and it’s not. And now we’ve got an additional rescue because they went into the deep water,” he said.  

Jadwin said we never know when the next storm may hit. In Muskingum County we can also be affected by dry hurricanes this season. Make sure to visit and prepare to protect you and your family.