Ladies of The Eagles Auxiliary and Christ’s Table Unveils New Machine for Community

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Community is important, and the Ladies of the Eagles Auxiliary and Christ’s Table are helping in the efforts to serve the organization’s homebound clients.

The Ladies Eagles Auxiliary donated four thousand dollars to Christ’s Table to buy a new machine that seals food, after their old machine broke down. The machine helps save food and money while giving people fresh meals. Executive Director of Christ’s Table Keely Warden spoke more about how this new machine helps the community.

“It makes the meals that we serve safe for those that we serve; it also makes it safe for our volunteers that are taking them out into the community. It’s also a great benefit to those that we serve that could possibly be the only hot meal that get each day, along with the only person that they see each day to talk to.”

Head of the Ladies of the Eagles Auxiliary Peggy Nippert spoke about how both organizations reflect similar values.

“We are people helping people, that’s what we do, that’s our motto, we are a God founded Country and the big deal is the community. So, Christ’s Table helps our community in so many ways not only people who are homebound like this machine helps, but also with homeless who are unable to provide meals and it’s all about community.”

As a thank you and to see the new equipment in action Christ’s Table allowed the Eagles Auxiliary to seal the first meals on the machine.