2022 Summer Concert Series Proved to be a Success

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The City of Zanesville found their Summer Concert Series, an effort to draw people in and showcase the downtown, to be an overall success. Zanesville Mayor Don Mason discussed how the Summer Concert Series began and how it has steadily expanded.

“In 2021, we had four concerts that were very successful in getting people out of their houses, getting together, having fun,” Mason said. “This year we had seven. We believe our attendance was somewhere between 22-to-25-thousand attendees. What I really appreciated was not just the fact that people were turning out and having a good time supporting a lot of local charities.”

Vendors who set up at the events reported good revenues and the mayor believes approximately 10 percent of the 25,000 attendees ate at local restaurants.

Mason noted that the Summer Concert Series has been a learning experience but the city is looking to continue and possibly expand the operation for 2023.

“We’re just gonna get ready now and figure out what we can do for next year to make it better in terms of how we accommodate the seating arrangements, the flow of traffic. We did have some concerns about how it was too hard for some to park. I’ve got to find a way of making it possible for people who are handicapped can be dropped off on site. we worked on some other things such as making sure that we kept a lot of electrical cords out of the way. Not just so that people didn’t trip on them but we wanted wheelchairs to be able to go over them. So a lot of little things we’re learning and we’ll just keep learning and keep trying to improve,” Mason said.

The mayor expressed gratitude to the sponsors who participated as well as all of the people who attended.

Matthew Morris
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