Flint Ridge’s ‘Knap In’ Event Wraps Up

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PERRY COUNTY, Ohio – Flint Ridge’s Knap In Event concluded Sunday.

The event started on Friday and gathered people from all over the world to show the process of knapping. Flint Knapping is the art of using special rocks to make arrowheads, spears, stone tools, and other artifacts Native Americans made. Roy Miller, a Knapper of over 40 years says that his passion has stemmed since he was just a boy. 

“We used to, when I was at home on the farm, we used to plow the fields and things and we’d find little arrowheads and I used to wonder ‘well how did the Indians make those.’ So we tried it, and kept trying and trying and it finally worked, ” Miller told us.

The flint produced in the Midwest is described as very high quality, and many think it was used by Native Americans for thousands of years, but flint can be found all over the world and Roy Miller says he loves them all.

“There’s any kinds of rocks here you can imagine. There’s Israeli flint here. And all kinds of stuff here that’s just unbelievable all the different materials. I used to tell people, I never met a rock I didn’t like,” he said.

Miller says that it feels great to see how his vision that started as a boy transformed into a Knap-In hosting over 250 people from all over the world.

“Its awesome because when I first started doing Knap-Ins, we were at the camp grounds down the road. We brought it here, my intent was to promote it as modern lithic art, and that’s where its at today.”

Roy Miller, Knapper of over 40 years
KaJeza Hawkins
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