Steer Obstacle Course At The Noble County Fair

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NOBLE COUNTY, Ohio- The last day of the Noble County Fair is on Saturday. A steer obstacle course took place Friday for all 4H kids that showed cattle at the fair.

4H advisor, Sarah Reed, explained the obstacle course. 

“The course is set up behind me. They’re going to cross a log, they have to go over a tarp, they have to set up their animals into a grooming chute, figurate around some boxes and enter a trailer. It’s a timed event, we have two different divisions, seniors and juniors, so it’s a fun activity. It started clear back when I was a kid in 4H back in the 90’s,” she said.

This is a fun activity for the 4H kids to participate in after working hard at the fair all week. 

“Tomorrow you’re going to expect to see a lot of buyers here, some sad kids and some happy kids. So, tomorrows the big large and small animal sale,” Reed said.  

4H member, Brooke Stottsberry, said this is her fifteenth year showing cows. Today, she has her cow, Foxy, with her. 

“So basically you just take your cow and you have to step over a log and then you walk it over a tarp which they sometimes don’t like doing that because they hear the sound and they’re not familiar with it. And then you set ‘em up, and then you walk ‘em through the chute and then you have to back out of the chute and a lot of cows don’t like to back out because they’re just too lazy,” Stottsberry said.