Knap In Event Kicks off at Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries

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PERRY COUNTY, Ohio- Over 200 hundred people gathered for the Labor Day Flint Ridge Knap-In Event.

Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries has an 8×3 slab of flint just a foot beneath the park itself, which makes it the perfect location for the event.

The flint produced in the area is described as high quality, and is believed to have been used by Native Americans for thousands of years and flint can be found all around the world. Tim Jordan, the site manager of Flint Ridge says that it feels good to see people come together to recreate ancient artifacts.

“So what a Knapp In is, is a gathering of artisans who have taught themselves the flint knapping technique. And that ‘k-n-a-p-p-i-n-g’ when we talk about knapping. The word means nibbling actually coming out of Anglo Saxon. And they are breaking off pieces of the flint and reducing what we call preform down to spear points, arrowheads, drill bits, knife blades, range of different tools. ”

Jordan also says the event helps educate event goers on the history of indigenous people.

“Its a very satisfying feeling also to know that people are getting.. Thinking beyond our immediate frames of reference right. How people used to live, other kinds of technology, what we take for granted, and how people are also like us,” he said.

This is the second one of the year, with the first one taking place in the Spring.

The Flint Knap-In will also take place September 3rd from 9-5, and Sunday, September 4th from 9-2.

KaJeza Hawkins
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