Pet of the Week

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Animal Shelter Society introduced us to another cute dog for Pet of the Week who loves doggy treats. Meet Scooter, he’s a 6-year-old dog who gets along with animals and loves being with cats and kids.

Executive Director of the Animal Shelter Society April Cohagen-Gibson spoke more about this spontaneous dog.  

“When you get him in the vehicle, he goes, he likes that, he has a great appetite, he’s just a great dog and he’s great for a lap he’s not too big to be on someone’s lap so he would make someone a good travel companion or someone to be in their home and it would work with any family.”

Owner of Bolin-Dierkes Funeral Home Ty Dierkes spoke about how amazing it is to receive the Pawsitive Partnership Award as a thanks for supporting the Animal Shelter Society.  

“Animals are very important to this funeral home; we do own a Crematorium for pets but the partnership has always been about the animals. We love animals, we love to serve animals, we do everything that we can to fit in and do what we can for the animal shelter. If they have a need, and we know about it, we try to do our very best to help them out, we love serving our community and we love to give back.”

If you have any questions about Scooter or looking to adopt an animal you call the Animal Shelter Society at 740-452-1077 or visit their website at