Bishop Rosecrans Military Night

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ZANESVILLE, OH-Football Friday Nights are always special but at Bishop Rosecrans this Friday night will be one to remember.

The Bishop Rosecrans football team went to DC before the season.
“The idea came about in the off season. I was there 10 years ago for the first time and it’s just mind blowing”, said Coach Zemba.
“High school football coaches or any coach you know we talk about all week about every Friday night we talk about discipline and sacrifice and quite honestly I don’t know if high school football coaches know what those words mean compared to a guy that guards the tombs”

Guarding the tombs is something these bishops players haven’t done but what they did on this trip was something that will last a life time.

“The team got to present the wreath for a wreath ceremony that day”, said Coach Zemba.

“I thought that was a pretty cool thing to do the fact that you know we’re from Ohio in a small school from zanesville Ohio and are name gets to be on the tomb of the unknown soldier“. said Gavin Bee

Coach Zemba knows what this trip brought to his players

“If we can have a tenth of the discipline that has guarding the tomb we can be successful”. said Coach Zemba.

On Friday night The Rosecrans team will be hosting military night and quarterback Brandon Bernath knows that it’s special

“We host the military night and it gets you thinking about you know all the sacrifice that have been made for our country for you to be able to play football”. said Brendon Bernath

Coach Zemba and the Bishop Rosecrans team are inviting all military veterans in their home opener Friday night against Berne Union at 7pm.

Keivon Belcher
Keivon Belcher is from Columbus, Ohio and a 2019 graduate from Heidelberg University. At Heidelberg he played wide receiver and was a captain on the football team. Keivon was also a sports anchor for the school news while co-hosting his own radio show for the school. He has a love for all sports and looks forward to sharing his insight with you.