Absentee Ballots

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- With the Fall season sneaking up soon, Elections are sneaking up as well and the Board of Elections in Zanesville wants to make sure that people know when and how to vote for their preferred candidate.

Muskingum County Board of Elections Specialist Cheryl West spoke about why using the ballot application provided by the Secretary of State’s office is the preferred option when it comes to voting.

“As far what the Secretary of State is doing this year for this year’s Election, they anticipate a high voter turnout. So, they are helping people out by sending an application to request a ballot to be sent to your house. That’s what Absentee voting means, it means that you are absent from voting at your voting location on Election day. The form has already got some information prefilled so that makes it a little easier for the voter and also for us art our end to process the application in order to mail the ballot.”

West also spoke about what kinds of things they do in order to make sure the Election runs smoothly.

“These kinds of things, getting the information out to the voters is to make it easier for them, expedite the process, just make people aware of deadlines so that they can get their application in a timely manner and get their ballot mailed to them and also back to us before the deadline. We also need to make them aware that there are other options, if they can’t do by mail or they can’t go to their voting location on Election day, we have a lot of steps that we take care of before the Election.”

The Muskingum County Board of Elections is located at 627 Market Street in Zanesville and if you have any question about Absentee Voting or Election dates you call the Board of Election at 740-455-7120 or visit their website at muskingumcountyoh.gov/boe.