Water Damage at West Muskingum Middle School

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Monday night the Superintendent of West Muskingum schools, Chad Shawger, was notified that there was water leaking in the middle school.

“The storm was Monday night and that’s where we found the water mostly on the top level of the school. A little bit in the cafeteria but obviously too much with ceiling tiles containing water and having to clean up to bring them in yesterday so we canceled Tuesday completely,” Shawger said.

Shawger, the director of operations and maintenance came up with a plan to ensure the students got back to school efficiently and safely. 

“So basically we knew that there was water coming in from the storm. We didn’t know why or how but knew we had to make a decision. We were here until about 11:45p.m. that night. And just basically cleaning things up and making sure, but had to cancel school for the following day, for the entire middle school,” Shawger said.

They went back to school today in the lower level, gym and high school and they are in the process of repairing the roof and drying out the building. 

Shawger says the maintenance staff, custodians, teachers and students have been handling the situation well considering the circumstances.