Zanesville Concert Association Kicks Off Their 2022-2023 Season

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Get ready to listen to Horns and Flutes and Barbershop Quartets and Pianos, oh my, cause the Zanesville Concert Association is delivering world-class performances for an inexpensive price at Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville, Ohio. Tickets are $55, but for just $10 more, you can purchase an adult membership that includes admission to all of there concerts, plus additional concerts in Mt. Vernon, all while supporting the performing arts.   

ZCA Booking Agent Jim Mclaughlin spoke about what the purpose of the adult membership for the concerts were.  

“Well, it’s to have the world-famous musicians at a bargain price, if you sold individual tickets, you’d have to raise the price to cover your expenses. By doing the season, you can pick and choose what you want to go to or you can go to all of them and we only sell to adults, we don’t sell to children and college students have a college ID they can get in for free. We also have a reciprocal arrangement with Mount Vernon’s concert series in Knox County so you can show ours pass and go to their concerts.”

Mclaughlin also spoke about why the Secrest Auditorium concerts are important to the community of Zanesville.   

“Well first of all, it’s the only auditorium in Muskingum County, it’s historic, it’s enormous, it seats 776 people and it has beautiful acoustics. The artists that come to Zanesville often say, we’ve been in fancier concert halls but we haven’t been to concert halls that sound like Secrest because it was built with natural materials. So, it’s a great treasure, and we could not survive without Secrest because we need a venue to perform our concerts.”

The first event will be October the 2nd with Alias Brass, the second concert will be December 17th with a Barbershop Quartet group called The Diamonds, the third concert is January 29th wit the American Spiritual Ensemble and the final concert is in March 15th with the English Chamber Orchestra. If you have any questions about the different concerts, you call Zanesville Concert Association at 740-588-0871 or visit their website at