Mag. Literacy

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Muskingum County Literacy Council and Christ Table started to unpack crates of Magazines for Mag. Literacy. Mag. Literacy is an event where they take magazines that are no longer on the shelves and distribute them to homebound children and adults. They picked up over 300 bundles of reading material to give away to people who want to do some reading.    

Community Literacy Liaison for the Muskingum County Literacy Council Cindy Lawyer spoke about how these magazines help homebound people stay connected.  

“I think the idea is being able to read material when you’re at home, especially if you don’t have reading materials. There’s just a variety, and the packets we want to give will be a packet of a man’s magazine, a woman’s magazine, a children’s magazine, crossword puzzles, and maybe even a daily devotional. So, it’s a variety of magazines in one packet.”

Lawyer also spoke about why Mag. Literacy is very important to the community of Zanesville.

“Literacy is so important to the community, the more you read the better reader you’ll be. So, it’s the idea of promoting literacy and letting people in the community know that were here in Muskingum County, hoping to make a difference.”

The Muskingum County Literacy Council and Christ Table organized this event to help bring awareness about the importance of literacy and to help people stay connected to the community.