Former Golden Corral Property to be Repurposed into a Carwash

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The former Golden Corral restaurant has been sold with the intent to repurpose the property as a carwash. The property on Northpointe Drive has access to both Muskingum County and city of Zanesville water, with an existing tap to the county’s water line but none to the city’s. 

Muskingum County Water Department Manager Don Madden reported to the Muskingum County Commissioners future plans for the property including a possible installation of a tap to the city’s waterline.

“It was brought to my attention late last week that the former Golden Corral restaurant is going to be demolished and a new business is looking to relocate to that facility or build a new facility on the property,” Madden said. “And that’s been a county water customer since the existence of Golden Corral. Just trying to clarify as to who is going to be serving the parcel since it’s been a county customer since a business first went in there.”

Madden was unaware of the city versus the county’s water rates but noted that the county’s water setup would be more than adequate to supply the amount of water needed.

“Out of, I would call it, normal business practice, that they would remain a county customer. But the information we’re being provided right now indicates that may not be the desires of the city, so I thought it was important to let the commissioners know that was going to be an issue and if they wanted to talk to the city about how to proceed with the water tap and that they would be aware of the issue,” Madden said.

The commissioners intend to contact the city to learn what the city has arranged with the new business and what the city might have offered as incentive to locate to the Northpointe location.

Matthew Morris
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