Never Alone- Ohio Overdose Awareness Walk

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NEW LEXINGTON, Ohio- Never Alone – Ohio is a non-profit organization that hosts a yearly Overdose Awareness Community Walk to support families that have lost a loved one from addiction. 

Carrie Spears is the founder of the organization. She lost her nephew, Tanner, to fentanyl poisoning. 

“My nephew Tanner Hill died last year due to fentanyl poisoning and he and I were going to do something for the community and then he died so after that I decided to start it anyway to bring hope, and a message and education and advocacy and to bring to a community event so I started calling the people I know like, ‘hey would you like to be on the board?!’ and here we are on our second walk,” Spears said.   

Pastor Kris Santiago and Doctor Brian Varney were also present at the event. Doctor Varney says he wants to support this wonderful group of people. 

“Myself as a family practice doctor, I also do a little bit of addiction management. So I take care of folks who are in recovery already and stable and we use medications therapy as an outpatient to help keep them sober,” he said.

The effort to bring awareness, support and hope to the community is very important and Pastor Santiago says there is no stigma. They want to spread a lot of love and hope.