Day of Action Republican Party

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Today the Republican Party got together to mobilize efforts ahead of the November Election.

The event took place at the home of Ryan and Lindsay Dodson, the owner of American Pride.

Troy Balderson, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, State Representative Adam Holmes and the Chair of the Republican party were all present.

Troy Balderson said they are going to go throughout the 12th Congressional District passing out signs and door knocking for the Ohio Delegation.

“Lieutenant Governor Husted, DeWine will also be part of that message that we’ll be getting out. And just driving and let people know that we are here, we’re working for ‘em and we’re gonna be here and continue on and try to get this country back in place again,” he said.

Ohio Lieutenant Governor, Jon Husted, said he attended the event because they are hosting republican candidates from throughout the region to really help get out the vote. Husted said he wants to arm the people with facts about how we stand for hard work, personal responsibility, family, faith and freedom.
“Muskingum county is one of the most scenic counties in the state. But it’s also getting stronger economically. There are a lot of people in the area who are gonna start seeing some of the growth that is gonna come from Intel locating outside of Columbus. But it’s also gonna see a lot of the funding that governor DeWine and I and the legislature have put forward to help rebuild Appalachia,” Husted said.

Husted said that it matters to create both educational and career opportunities as well as more housing, cleaning up brownfields and building new infrastructure.

He said all of this is happening in Muskingum County.

State Representative, Adam Holmes, spoke on what the republican party values and wants out of representative government.

“We really look at truly representing and that’s the nature of the American foundation. What we think of is certainly mentally, and our issues that we work on. Making sure we’re consistent with the people that live in this area. Physically, how we act, how we behave, how we treat people with dignity and respect. If we do that we are accurately representing the people here but maybe most importantly is morally. Telling the truth, being a servant and having integrity putting in 100% effort and hard work,” Holmes said.

This is part of the republican statewide effort to inform voters ahead of the November election.