Muskingum University Student Loan Forgiveness

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NEW CONCORD- President Biden announced the possibility of a student loan relief plan on Wednesday.

Biden initially made the commitment to help with student loans and said that he will honor it. During COVID, there was a pause on paying student loans that will end beginning on January 1, 2023.  

Muskingum University Director of Student Financial Services, Amber Gump, said she is excited for what could impact their students. 

“Students are expected to receive $10,000 in debt relief but then students that are Pell eligible are going to be receiving up to $20,000 in student loan relief. Where we sit, we have a large number of students that come from low income families. And so this additional relief is going to be something that’s very helpful to them,” she said.

Muskingum University Junior, Hayley Barker, said she was fortunate to have had a parent that was able to pay for her college and so far she does not have student loans.

“It’s hard sometimes for people to be able to get the opportunity to go to college. With my mom saving money like she did, since I was at such a young age, I got the opportunity to not have to take out the loans thus far so I’ve been really thankful for that,” Barker said.

Another student, Riley Watson, is a senior at Muskingum University and said his dad texted him with the news. 

“He texted me and he said you should check this out it’s on You could get like $10,000-$20,000 so it’s pretty nice because I have about $10,000 in loans right now,” Watson said.

For more on student loan relief, the government advises those who qualify to talk with their loan servicer and figure out their loan package.