Carr Center’s Special Riders Program

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Special Riders program began this week, which is a program that gives disabled children the ability to ride horses, play games and work on calisthenics.

Becky Clawson, from the Carr Center, said this year they had a generous donor cover all of the funding.

The program takes place once a year beginning on the Monday after the fair. It’s one night a week and there are three sessions each evening with the help of professionals trainers.

7-year-old, Ashellen, said she had a great experience riding the horses.

“I ride the horse and it was fun,” she said.

We also spoke with one of the volunteers, David Swingle, who told us why he decided to bring all four of his horses to the program.

“It seems like it does the riders good. It loosens them up some and maybe gives them a little confidence,” Swingle said.

The program will run for the next five weeks at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds and is always looking for more riders, volunteers and horses.