Washington Township Fire Department Hosts “Stop The Bleed”

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Washington Township Fire Department hosted ‘Stop The Bleed,’ training Tuesday afternoon.

Anyone from the community was welcome to attend and learn potentially life-saving skills.

Attendees of the class learned about life-threatening bleeding and how to stop it via applying direct pressure, a tourniquet, or even packing the wound. 

Genesis Health Trauma Program Manager Ashleigh Roshon says the mission began shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy and teaches bystanders what to do when seconds count

“You know, in an emergent situation, what could be two minutes might feel like a lifetime to the people that are on the scene. So, getting them to understand what they can do while they wait for the professionals and the EMS agency is really time sensitive in this scenario,” she said.

After a lecture portion, those in attendance were able to get some hands-on practice, from packing wounds to placing tourniquets and applying pressure.

Participant Jim Stephen, who works for Zemba Brothers says the class provided valuable insight and training to take back to work with him and help prepare the company’s employees and prepare them for any situation.

“Some of the dummies that they had set-up where you could pack a whole roll of gauze in there. You don’t realize how much you can actually put into those. Putting the pressure on a wound. Just, until you get in those situations, a lot of times you don’t realize what you’re going to be faced with. Cranking that tourniquet down, it might hurt that person, they might be screaming, but you’re doing it to help them, so a lot of times the way you react when you train ahead of time you know how to react when it actually happens,” he said.

Stephan says he encourages anyone to do the training if they get a chance!

For more information about ‘Stop The Bleed’ or to find a course near you, visit http://stopthebleed.org

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