Exploring Ohio’s History Through Art

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Studies show that paid internships are fifty-two percent more likely to result in a full-time job offer than unpaid ones.

The Zanesville-Museum of Art are using paid education interns to work on the museum’s fourth-grade “Exploring Ohio’s History Through Art.” The interns are being paid through a grant from the Taylor-Mchenry Memorial Fund. This grant is allowing them to expand the program. Education Coordinator Misty Johnson spoke about how this program can help benefit both interns and elementary students.

“It’s an outreach program in partnership with Zanesville City Schools and we’re hoping to expand to expand to more and more schools. So, as we expand we need the extra help so we looked into interns because they could really benefit from this program in that if offers hands on experience with elementary students.”

The interns will direct students through the museum, reinforce core social studies standards taught in the classroom. The interns will have a hands on experience teaching fourth graders how art can tell a story. Johnson spoke about why Exploring Ohio’s History Through Art is important to the fourth graders.

“The history of Ohio is one of the core things that fourth graders learn in their Social Studies classes, so we have a really rich set of resources here that explore not only Ohio Artists but what Ohio was like in the past. So being able to come here and see that visually really helps with learning about Ohio’s history.”

The Exploring Ohio’s History Through Art began in spring of 2018.