‘Mark Twain Day’ Held At Blue Rock State Park

Local News

BLUE ROCK, Oh – Mark Twain Days of Fun kicked off at Blue Rock State Park where families and friends got together to play games, eat food and get reconnected with the heritage.

According to the Blue Rock State Park Naturalist, Caden Sauerbruy, he said that it’s a way for people to get outside and relive the old times of America.

“The whole point is just getting connected with the heritage of living in America so it’s a lot of old timey 1870’s fun and stuff so we’ve got a bunch of old-time events, whole bunch of old-time games just trying to emulate that culture,” he told us.

He also stated that this event helps brings people outside so they can enjoy nature and enjoy being together with friends and families.

“We’ve had this event for a very long time and it just really shows the different things you can do outdoors and it gives you ideas of things to do when you get outside and again it brings people to the park, so they can enjoy the park and how things function here,” he said.

Mark Twain’s Day of Fun is a way for people to get outside and enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature.