15th Annual Dresden Melon Festival

Local News

DRESDEN, Oh- A festival about melons took place in Dresden where families and friends got together to have some fun from a melon derby to food to seed spitting.

According to the organizer of Dresden Melon Festival, David Mathew, he said that this festival is a fun way to get the community together and to raise money for local communities.

“So, my wife and I got involved, and with a group of people formed a Dresden Festival Committee and started doing this. Since then, we’ve formed the Dresden Park and contributed nearly $60,000 to local communities.”

He also said that helping with this event is a way to both help local communities and support the heritage of the local melon growers who used to be in Dresden. 

“Just a part of community service you know proud of where you’re from. Really, it’s about supporting the heritage of all the local melon growers that used to be here, of course time has changed economically,” he said.

This event helps bring people together and helps support smaller business in local communities.