The Organ Historical Society Visits an Historic Organ in Junction City

Local News

JUNCTION CITY, Ohio – Music is in the air in Southeastern Ohio as the Organ Historical Society visits a special organ – right in Perry County.

St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Junction City is home to the world’s oldest intact and playable Schwab Organ. This historic instrument caught the attention of the Organ Historical Society, pushing them to host their national convention in Central and Southeast Ohio. Since July 31st, 195 members of the Society have been touring Ohio – making a stop today at St. Patrick’s Church.

Tim Clark, a council member of the church, shared more about what made this organ so valuable – to organ lovers and the junction city community.

“The organ was placed in 1854 by Matthias Schwab, he immigrated to Cincinnati. His relations built them overseas, and when he came to Cincinnati, he started building them in the United States. It’s real exciting to find out the information now, years later. A lot of years ago, we didn’t know about this. “

Patricia Vigue, Former organist for St Patrick’s

More than 225 people attended the concert today – including the church’s former organist, Patricia Vigue. Patricia started to play the king instrument when she was just ten years old in 1946 – and 76 years later, she continues to rejoice in the music.
Patricia encouraged visitors to “open their ears and just listen to the wonderful beauty.”

“The pipe organ has been and will continue to be a central component of people’s worship of people coming together as a community to sing and to elevate any kind of service – whether it is a worship service, a wedding or funeral, or even a concert recital… It’s just a rich part of our heritage.”

You can visit The Organ Historical Society website to learn more about the rich history of organs in Southeast Ohio and the United States.