Blues Legend Playing in Zanesville

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- This Saturday at 6:30pm a blues legend will perform at Zanesville’s Secrest Auditorium. Git Shorty is a blues rocker originally from Zanesville. 

At 82 years old he still puts on a lively show full of excitement. 

“I want to bring great music to Zanesville. I’m back here. I want to do great things for Zanesville. I really want to give everything I have left in my life to Zanesville and I love it here,” Shorty said.

Shorty said the show will include music from The Eagles, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and of course himself. 

“So we get a little bit of everything. A lot of reggae, we do a lot of segway, Sam and Dave, my girl- we’ll be doing a little bit of everything. Meant to be, whiskey. We do it all. It’ll be a really awesome show to get a variety so we reach everyone in the audience. And this is not just stand up music. A lot of acts that I’ll be doing with my guitar, a lot of tricks I’ll be doing,” Shorty exclaimed.

Shorty said this will be his first show in Zanesville. He is looking for everyone to show out and he is going to give everything he has to offer. 

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Zanesville Animal Shelter Society and the Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center. 

For tickets you can visit