Bids Opened for Sheriff’s Office Radios

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Commissioners opened a bid for reconditioned Multi Agency Radio Communication System radios for the Sheriff’s Office.

Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security Director Jeff Jadwin explained the need for the radios and the process the county employed to acquire them.

“The bidding process was put out through normal procedures because of being over $50,000 anticipated. This is for radio’s for the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office, both mobile and portable. Because an upgrade was going to be required by Ohio MARCS, a lot of the sheriff’s radios are very old and would not make the grade and would be what we call brick.”

Brick means that they would become obsolete. New units would cost the county in excess of $800,000 but the bid that was put under advisement by the commissioners was for reconditioned radios that saved the county 60 percent of that cost. 

“MARCS stands for Multi Agency Radio Communications. It’s run by the state of Ohio and they have towers all over the state that we can communicate through. It was their mandate plus some of the equipment to accept the upgrades wouldn’t accept it. Part of that’s Motorola and the other manufacturers just upgrading their equipment to the new standards.”

The lone bid was submitted by Commercial Electronics Incorporated that provided 71 reconditioned mobile units and 55 reconditioned portable units for $318,704.