Mobility Ohio Announces Plans to Launch Pilot Transportation Program in South-Eastern Ohio Counties

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio – Muskingum County is a pilot county for a new statewide accessible transportation program. 

Mobility Ohio spoke with the County Commissioner’s office to introduce their launch of an accessible transportation program in parts of Southeastern Ohio. 

Mobility Ohio is a collaboration between state agencies that fund community and human service transportation. The organization proposes to pilot a Regional Transportation Resource Center in Muskingum, Coshocton, Guernsey, and Tuscarawas counties – creating a one-stop hub where clients and customers can conveniently schedule trips by phone or online.

The pilot locations will be launched in January 2024 and hope to provide relief to the people in the Muskingum Region as it organizes the public transit system for those in need of transportation assistance. 

Jeannette Wierzbicki, the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association Executive Director, addressed the potential changes the Zanesville community will notice to the public transit system. 

“So what may change is the folks that use the Human Services side of transportation – those are the folks that maybe need a little more assistance; People with mobility issues, some of our senior citizens, and they will have one number to call.”

The group addressed their cooperation and collaboration with not only other Ohio State-level agencies – but also through the active transportation systems, like South Eastern Area Transit out of Zanesville. Mobility Ohio plans to use the federal funding to work with the active transit programs to provide a simplified method for requesting assistance.

Chuck Dyer, Administrator for the Office of Transit and the Ohio Department of Transportation emphasized the value and influence this program will have on the state of Ohio at both local and state levels. 

“Public transportation needs have risen. Equally, the state partners like the Ohio Department of Medicaid, DODD, JFS, and Aging have discussed challenges in meeting their program needs because of transportation. So, transportation has become a huge problem for many Ohioans, and we expect through this process to make more rides more accessible. ”

For more information regarding the pilot program and the objectives of Mobility Ohio’s initiatives, visit the Ohio transportation website.