Muskingum County Covid Cases On Rise

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio – Though mask mandates have been nationally lifted, cases of Covid-19 continue to rise nationally and in Muskingum County.

The community levels in the county are higher than they have been in months.

The new variants of the virus are believed to be the cause of the increase according to the Medical Director for the Zanesville/Muskingum County Health Department, Dr. Jack Butterfield.

“The biggest reason for that is the Omicron variants that are out there primarily right now is BA-5, but BA-4 and 5 are much more highly transmissible,” the medical director told us.

Due to the newer variants being more infectious, they spread more rapidly and easier. The best ways to prevent the spread are the same ways we have prevented in the past, he added.

“With vaccinations, with boosters, with protecting yourself by masking in public when you’re in a public community of high transmission and distancing when possible, staying out of close crowds. The common sense things that have proven through this pandemic to be effective,” he added.

Vaccines are still effective in the reduction of spreading the virus. And vaccinated people are less likely to acquire hospitalization or die due to Covid-19 in comparison to other times the viruses have peaked.

“We do know statistically that the vaccines are still over 90% effective at preventing serious illness, subsequent hospitalization and subsequent death,” he also added.

He also added that it is up to the community to self-mandate and take proper precautions to ensure the virus does not spread. And in the case of infection to rest and obtain proper nutrition to recover from Covid-19.

KaJeza Hawkins
KaJéza Hawkins is new to Zanesville, but an Ohio native, born and raised in the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio. KaJéza is very excited to be apart of the WHIZ-TV News Team. She has interned at several stations, including WHIO in Dayton, as well as WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a proud HBCU graduate, receiving her degree from Wilberforce University in 2021, where she majored in Mass Media Communication with a concertation in English. KaJéza is also a a part of the NABJ, and is happy to be spending time here in Zanesville. If you see her out, be sure to say hello!