Morgan Local Schools Hosts Tech Camp for Students

Local News

MORGAN COUNTY, Ohio – Going to summer camps is a summertime classic for most children and teens, but in Morgan County, they are adding a new twist with some fun technology.

Morgan Local Schools has invited students throughout the week to participate in its 4th annual summer tech camp. Some technology students can work with include 3-D printing, Flight simulators, Lego robots, and virtual reality headsets.

This year’s camp drew in 60 bright young students between 4th and 10th grade – all eager to interact with the tech equipment and further develop their skill sets.

Mike Lawson, a technology teacher, and Dr. Jim Johnson, the Director of Education Technology at the district, are proud of the student’s work in the program.

“We want to give kids the opportunity – here, especially in Appalachia, Ohio to do some advanced technology things that they have never had the chance to do,” said Johnson.

Lawson added, stating that “You go to the big cities like Columbus and Cincinnati and Cleveland – some of those schools have some of this technology, but not at the junior high level. It’s important that our kids get the exposure so that they can compete with those kids down the road.”

As the job market grows and technology advances, the two educators hope to instill in students valuable skills that will allow them to thrive in their future careers.

WHIZ had the chance to catch up with Kristi Barker, the district superintendent, who emphasized how camps like this one are valuable to young minds in the SouthEastern Ohio community.

“It’s valuable because it gives our kids an opportunity to explore the world of tech – to see if it’s something that they like, something that they are good at – and then possibly pursue that as a career in the future.”

To learn more about the Tech Camp this week, visit the Morgan Local Schools Website.