Portions of State Route 93 in Crooksville Dedicated in Honor of Fallen Firefighters

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CROOKSVILLE, Oh – After a long and, at times frustrating, road to approval, sections of State Route 93 in Crooksville now pay a very special tribute to two fallen Crooksville Firefighters.

Signs were unveiled southbound at West Main Street and northbound at Ceramic Way, officially designating the stretch as “Crooksville Firefighters David Theisen and Stephen Carletti Memorial Highway.”

Theisen and Carletti were killed in the line of duty of February 5th, 1998 while responding to a residential fire.

Crooksville Fire Department Assistant Chief Dyrall Newlon was also there that day and for him the dedication Saturday morning was a time to reflect, reminisce and remember his friends, not just for their deaths, but for the lives they lived.

“There was not one time I remember either one of them being in a bad mood. They were always there to help somebody. I mean, whether it was on a run or just at the firehouse or if somebody was having a bad day, you could talk to either one of them and they would talk you through it,” he recalled.

Newlon says this dedication and memorial and all of Roseville Fire Lieutenant Zach Keylor’s long hours and hard work spent to make this happen mean the world to him, as well as Theisen and Carletti’s families. 

Keylor hopes the signs help keep David Theisen and Stephen Carletti’s memories alive, especially for those who may not know their stories and the legacies the two left behind. 

“I think that the community didn’t forget, but I think sometimes they do for a short period of time. This way, they’ll remember every day when they pass those signs about two great men that paid the ultimate sacrifice and that they’ll be able to tell stories about them. You know Dyrall was best friends with them and he’s able to tell those stories to other members of the community that may not have been around during that time. Again, I was 4 when it happened, so having those stories told to me is pretty remarkable,” Keylor explained.

As firefighters travel this route, parts of it the same route Theisen and Carletti took on the morning of February 5th, Newlon hopes the signs will serve as inspiration to carry on the fight and do what needs to be done to serve the community as their fallen brothers did.

Newlon also encourages you to live like David and Stephen by living life to the fullest and just being happy and outgoing.

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