Senator Schaffer Visits Zanesville

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ZANESVILLE, Oh – State Senator Tim Schaffer visited Zanesville and the WHIZ studio Thursday. 

He discussed the Capital Budget, as well as House Bill 377 and their impacts here in Southeast Ohio.

The Capitol Budget will provide funding several projects throughout the area including $125,000 for Forever Dads and $75,000 towards construction of New Concord’s new swimming pool 

Senator Schaffer says funds received from the budget will greatly benefit communities for years to come. 

“Every time you build something, you’re not only creating jobs, construction, design jobs, you’re also building a structure for generations to come to enjoy. Whether it’s a swimming pool or a science center at Muskingum University, or a CDL training facility, these projects are going to help families, they’re going to help people make a living, or increase the quality of life,” he explains.

He also discussed the passage of House Bill 377, which provides funds and grants throughout Appalachia for key transformational projects.

This includes 20-30 million dollars for planning purposes. Schaffer says the bill passed overwhelmingly in both chambers.

“Oftentimes, our smaller communities, our smaller counties, get overlooked by the funders out of Washington DC and the funders out of Columbus. And because we don’t whine and complain a lot, they kind of overlook us. Well, I did my share of complaining and I said ‘No. We have needs to. Not just the three C’s. Not just the big cities. They seem to get the huge grants and the bulk of the grants, well this is our time now,” he said.

For more information on the projects, Capital Budget, or House Bill 377, you can visit the link below. 


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