ZPD Chief Coury Talks Retirement and Beyond

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – After 30 years of service and nearly six years as chief, the Zanesville Police Department will say goodbye to one of its own.

Zanesville Police Chief Tony Coury announced last week that he would be retiring effective July 8. Recently, he took a moment to reflect upon his years of service and announce where the department was at in regards to his replacement.

“I joined the department in October of 1991, and started just like everyone else, as a patrolman. Slowly worked my way up the ranks and became chief in 2016,” Coury said. “It’s 30 years of serving the public, a camaraderie here with a bunch of guys, I’ve had a lot of good friends here. You know some are gone now, some are still here and it’s been an enjoyable job, a noble career and you know it’s time to move on.” 

Coury added that he will miss the day to day involvement, interactions and pace but not the long hours. He also noted that he enjoyed working for the city of Zanesville and will still donate as much time as he can to the community. 

“The department in whole is in very good shape. I believe that I’m leaving this department as better than when I found it. Not taking away from anybody else but we all strive to do our own thing and we had goals and we’ve reached most of them,” Coury said. “But the department will choose between the two individuals here that sit as a lesser rank, which is the Captains. There will be a testing procedure. It’ll take four or five months. But they will eventually land on one of them and I think they’ll do a fine job. Both of them know what they’re doing and have been Captains since at least 2016 also.”

Coury is attending Prince’s Barber Academy and plans to cut hair there for a few days a week in addition to discussing possible part time employment at Rochelle’s Barber Shop in Dresden.

Matthew Morris
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